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La Casa degli Artisti "Giacomo Vittone" is a place of great cultural interest. It was conceived in the 1960s from an idea by Giacomo Vittone, an amateur painter living in Riva del Garda who went up to the village of Tenno, fascinated by the beauty of the landscape.
Thanks to the passionate work of his Trentino friends, La Casa was later established as a legal entity made up of three municipalities: Tenno, Riva del Garda and Arco. Its cultural activity comprises exhibitions, conferences, summer courses, accommodation for artists and school courses with academies and art institutes.

The beautiful grey stone building that welcomes visitors to the medieval village of Canale in the municipality of Tenno, was first used as a venue for international artists in 1967. Since then, the role and activities of La Casa degli Artisti has changed.

What has not changed is the hospitality which Giacomo Vittone held dear and which is even today one of the great strengths of the place. It has become a unique place of cultural creativity which, thanks to its location and amenities, remains open even during the winter months.
If in the 1960s and the 1970s La Casa degli Artisti was mainly a reference point for local artists and artists on holiday, by the mid-1980s it had launched a series of initiatives that made it a cultural centre of note, at first nationally and then in Europe. It has hosted great exhibitions, from the International Biennial Festival of Graphics to shows dedicated to famous artists like Goya, Dali, Miro, Rembrandt, Picasso, Vasarely and Durer, and to famous figures in Italian art such as Mastroianni and Tamburi.

The conference programmes, which have grown over recent years, have placed La Casa degli Artisti at the epicentre of conferences such as those dedicated to art therapy. Since its first programme in 1992, the conferences have brought to the area the best experts in their field, thanks to the initial collaboration with the University of Milan and later with the Milan Bicocca University, Fondazione Ospedale Maggiore, Policlinico Mangiagalli and Regina Elena di Milano, the University of Trento Department of Human and Social Sciences and the Italian Society of Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Lombardia.

The Areas

Particularly beautiful exhibition areas.


The workshops

La Casa degli Artisti is not only an educational place but also a meeting place for those who want to get closer to art in all its different styles.



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